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Some marketers say that article promotion is dying due to internet advertising sites or community advertising programs, however, that is not true.

The reality is that article promotion, partially via PDF submission sites is trending and Google and top search engines are giving publicity to well-written articles and PDF documents on acceptable websites.

You could imagine Many Big Article Submission sites like Ezine Articles to have few competitors within the article submission field.

On the other hand, Scribd is probably going an unknown amount to you. There are many different content sources than our thought that are identified in the article promoting platforms.

Some of them are could be very important because of their popularity and High DA. These sites accept articles in PDF documents and help to promote articles in their original form.

PDF Submission Sites and their services

It is very important to write an article in text content or MS Word format and submit it in text content to the famous article submission directories.

after that Convert it to PDF and submit it in that format to these publications that settle for it.

The normal article directories similar to many big article directories like Articles Factory, Go Articles, and iSnare, won’t accept PDF files, however, PDF submission accepting sites are Scribd and Crocodoc will, and surprisingly, most web Marketers are unaware of this type of services.

Many PDF submission sites may convert your new articles to PDF format automatically or even edit your current PDF document to add your anchor text content or URL links.

this Submission method has a fantastic deal of extra benefits to give you than common article submission sites.

Submit PDF Files 

If you will find article submission sites on search engines that may be working or running each as the article submission directories like Articles Factory and ezine articles.

In addition to online marketing people, there are multiple sites that accept and publish PDF files and documents.

So, it is possible for you to make different copies of your article with minor changes and submit it to the sites as much as you can. It will help to promote your article.

According to the latest trends, an article submission site should have the ability to provide multiple services.

it should not only article submission, but also a PDF submission. If you are not sure about the right way, then your article submission or article Guest posting service should find a way that will help you.

The list of Top Free PDF Submission Sites From Backlinks Hub is here:

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